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Network and Meet New People In Hampshire

Network and Meet New People In Hampshire!

Spice is the UK’s leading adventure, social and leisure club for adults. Our dedicated team organise 100's of events each month with over 12,000 members nationwide and your local group having over 1,000 members it's a sure-fire way to network and meet new people in Hampshire

Network and meet new people in Hampshire on a range of activies such as meals, black tie balls, cinema and quiz nights, ten pin bowling, rambles... our events list is as long as your opportunities to network with us is enormous.

Spice helps people achieve their life-long ambitions, enrich their social lives, network and meet new people in Hampshire.  All for less than the cost of a glass of wine each week. And with no contracts and no minimum spend - what have you got to lose?


Please take a look at what is coming up:

1) Social Events: CLICK HERE (Great for meeting new people in Oxfordshire)

2) Leisure: CLICK HERE (Rambles, Sports, Animal Encounters and Workshops in Oxfordshire)

3) Adventure: CLICK HERE (Meet like-minded people who share your sense of adventure)

4) Weekend Breaks: CLICK HERE (Get away from it all with members from around the UK)

5) Holidays: CLICK HERE (Because you deserve a break!)


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