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Welcome to Spice! We are the social activity group for ordinary people who want to do extraordinary things!
Our membership group is nationwide with hundreds of local varied events every month plus an international holiday programme so you're sure to meet new people, make friends and have fun by doing some great activities.

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Welcome to Spice Thames Valley & Solent! Every month we offer our members the chance to try a myriad of fantastic events. There's no better way to get out and enjoy yourself than by joining the UK's leading activity and social group. So why not join in the fun and join today - you'll be amazed at what we do!

A selection of coming events

Event Date Availability
Walk - Henley-on-Thames (Passing an Animal Sanctuary), Henley-on-Thames Sun 7 Feb 2016 Filling Fast
Walk - Gosport, Fort Road, Stokes Bay Sun 7 Feb 2016 Filling Fast
Thirsty Meeples - Games Cafe Oxford - Including Nibbles, 99 Gloucester Green Oxford Sun 7 Feb 2016 Filling Fast
Badminton - Oxford (Ideal for new members), White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre Mon 8 Feb 2016 Filling Fast
Preview Night - Reading (Artigiano), Artigiano, 81 Broad Street, Reading Mon 8 Feb 2016 Filling
Space Lecture - Chasing Cosmic Inflation, Winchester Science Centre Wed 10 Feb 2016 Filling Fast
Learn to Play Whist - Oxford, Victoria Arms Old Marston Thu 11 Feb 2016 Filling
Floorball - Reading (Willink) - Ideal for new members, Willink Leisure Centre Thu 11 Feb 2016 Filling
Pay As You Go Pizza Night, Reading, ASK, St Mary's Butts, Reading Fri 12 Feb 2016 Filling Fast
Ceroc Reading - Twyford, The Sugar Shack, Twyford Fri 12 Feb 2016 Places
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