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Network and Meet New People In Berkshire

Network and Meet New People In Berkshire - There's No Better Place!

You could network and meet new people in Berkshire in a completely different way. By joining Berkshire's premier adventuresocial club you will have acess to 1000's of events in Berkshire where you can meet new people and network at the same time.

We get people together at events such as a Black Tie Balls, meals, sports nights, rambles, the list of events is endless. As our members attend these events they meet new people in Berkshire and as such naturally network. It's a great way to promote what you do, and find other contacts that can help your business.

Please take a look at what is coming up:

1) Social Events: CLICK HERE (Great for meeting new people in Oxfordshire)

2) Leisure: CLICK HERE (Rambles, Sports, Animal Encounters and Workshops in Oxfordshire)

3) Adventure: CLICK HERE (Meet like-minded people who share your sense of adventure)

4) Weekend Breaks: CLICK HERE (Get away from it all with members from around the UK)

5) Holidays: CLICK HERE (Because you deserve a break!)


 Berkshire Walking Group  Make new friends  Walking weekends


So why not find out more and Network and Meet New People In Berkshire - join today and invest in your life!

The benefits are great:

  • We have 1000 members locally in Berkshire and over 12,000 UK wide.
  • Over 100 events every month to network. 
  • All events professionally organised - 'just book and turn up!'  
  • Unique events you wouldn't normally have the opportunity to do!
  • You will be in the company of like-minded people!
  • Network and meet new people in Berkshire and make new friends!
  • Discounts at many high street retailers, insurace, holidays etc - you could save your membership fee in discounts!
  • You can book a place for a friend!
  • Regular holidays and weekends away!
  • Access to the Spice Facebook pages!
  • You will always have something to do and friends to do it with!
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 Meet people in Berkshire
 Meet New People in Berkshire