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Hard day at the office? Why not take a break on one of our weekend trips away! All our weekends are pre-organised and varied, a vast array of choice and new experiences to encounter with like-minded people.

About Spice

Spice is the UK's largest adventure, social and leisure group with over 12,000 members nationwide and more than 1,000 members in your local area. Spice  brings fantastic like-minded people together offering more choice and variety than you ever thought possible. if you're looking to explore new areas, try new things or just relax for a weekend, we have the event for you. 75% of our members join as singles, so don't worry if you're coming along solo! 

Weekend events include almost anything you could possibly think of, rambling, sailing, birds of prey weeknds, Bluestone multi-activity, canoe cruising, digital photography, Edinburgh festival, fly fishing, rafting, relax and pamper spa weekends - the list goes on and on. Click here to see what a varied choice of events we have on offer.



Spice go that little bit further

We work incredibly hard to get our members the best deals possible providing the chance to meet as many members as possible whilst you experience a whole new range of  fascinating and invigorating events! Why not find out more about Spice today by enquiring or joining?

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Adventure Weekends - White Water Rafting

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To contact Spice please email: or telephone 0118 972 4810 office hours: 10am – 4pm